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The 3rd International Conference on Ethics in Jordan: Publication and Authorship

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For the third year in a row the RCR Program in collaboration with the school of Pharmacy at JUST ( Jordan University of Science and Technology) and under the auspices of Prof. Sa’eb A. Khresat ​, the President of JUST ; held the 3rd International Conference on Research Ethics in Jordan under the theme publications and authorship. The conference highlighted ethical principles pertaining to the publication process, international authorship criteria and how these principles can be applied in the MENA region. The event included several international speakers and a wide-range of international attendees from all over the MENA region.The conference was held on July 3rd of 2018.

Professor Karem Alzoubi, the Program Director in Jordan and the MENA and the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, indicated that this conference is part of the efforts of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Responsible Conduct of Research program to provide distinguished education and scientific research. He presented a talk on “Plagiarism: Detection and action the Jordan case”.

One of the important presentations was given by one of our lead faculty members Dr. Kenneth Goodman in which he focused on Ethics, Science and Authorship: The Growth of Knowledge in the 21st Century.

We also had a number of our graduate fellows who volunteered to present short presentations on ethics reflecting on their practicums or areas of expertise as follows:

  • Osamah Alshogran: “Understanding of International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)Authorship Criteria Among Faculty Members of Health Sciences in Jordan”.
  • Qosay AlBalas: “A Historical Overview of the Islamic Authorship Heritage”
  • Saleem Bani Hani: “Authorship: an ongoing challenge in research ethics”
  • Mahmoud Alomari:”Assent and consent considerations in the Arab countries: the Jordanian case”
  • Fadia Mayyas” “The usefulness of workshops to improve graduate student awareness andknowledge of manuscript writing process and research integrity.”
  • Wisam Shafiq: “Assessment and Comparison of Research Ethics Education Offerings of MasterPharmacy Programs in Jordan and Globally”.

This event was co-sponsored by the WHO collaborating Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy, University of Miami, USA, and several other local companies in Jordan.​ 

Thank You to our sponsors!


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