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Karem Alzoubi


Dr. Karem

Karem Alzoubi PhD, is the Principal Investigator of the project in Jordan. He is Professor and Dean of Pharmacy at the Jordan University of Science and Technology School of Pharmacy. He is trained in ethical and regulatory medical research and conducted several projects on human healthy volunteers and on patients. He published more than 120 article including over 50 using human subjects, of which many are pertaining to policies and clinical guidelines within the health settings such as medical team adherence to clinical practice guidelines and policies in specialized areas such as infection control policies, smoking cessation efforts, clinical pharmacy practice, disease specific policies and procedures, and chemotherapeutic agent handling in clinical settings. He has been PI and Co-PI of a number of multicenter international clinical and pre-clinical drug development studies that were carried out under ethical standards of good clinical practice (GCP) and good laboratory practice (GLP). He is currently a consultant and a member of the Clinical Studies Committee at the Jordanian Food and Drug Administration (JFDA). This committee supervises all clinical studies, and IRB committees working in Jordan. He is current Clinical Studies Inspector for the JFDA, where he inspects an average of two clinical sites/studies per week. He is also a current member of the Animal ethics Committee at JUST. He has supervised over 40 Masters students, and has repeatedly taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in ethical research conduct, clinical research design, policies and regulations.

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