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Our Goals:

The short-term goal of this program is to train and mentor future educators and researchers in Jordan to enhance the research environment in that country and eventually the Arab region.  This will be done by targeting researchers, faculty, graduate students, decision makers and other relevant professionals who deal with research of human subjects and provide them advanced Masters-level education and training in research ethics in the fields of epidemiological and clinical research. The program will educate participants about research ethics, as well as research methodology, to better empower them to become influential and capable individuals within their organization and country. This capacity building will be achieved in a step-by-step approach by starting with the most promising candidates working in clinical research organizations in Jordan, with more than 180 candidates estimated to qualify for this program. This will expand to other qualified researchers in Jordan and the rest of the Arab region during the period of the program.

The long- term goal of the project is to build regional capacity for high quality public health and clinical trials research defined by the highest standards of research integrity. Research and knowledge-based economies are critical to developing societies, but in the Arab countries progress has been slow. The knowledge and training in research ethics will greatly enhance scientific progress and provide a basis for integrating local perspectives with international standards practiced by other more developed countries. The graduates of this program will provide expertise in the area of research ethics and methods and become a foundation for a sustained influence in their respective countries

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