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Year 3 Summer Introductory Course

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Summer Course-Introduction to Research Ethics:

Our 3rd Cohort has just completed their one week face- to- face intensive summer course that was held at Jordan University of Science and Technology in Jordan.

This year the course material was given in the English language and translated to the Arabic language to accommodate those  participants who are more fluent in the Arabic language ( also for those whose secondary language is French rather than English).

By making Arabic the language of instruction, we are opening this program to all professionals in the MENA region who might be interested in advancing their career and getting involved in population research regardless of their English skills. This is a critical point. Where other programs in which the language of instruction limits access to only the elite bilingual or medical professionals, this program will remove that limitation. These are the kind of trans formative educational approaches that are needed to lift the status of research and research ethics in the region. This, to our knowledge, would be the first-ever online Arabic research ethics certificate jointly taught by a U.S. and a Jordanian institution. The uniqueness of the MENA region is that regardless of the dialect spoken, formal Arabic is the official language of schools, media and formal or official writing.


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