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Year 4 Participants



List of Program Participants


Applicant Name


Current Position Country of Origin
1 Abdel Aziz Mousa Thabet Emeritus Professor of  Community Mental Health-School of Public Health- Al Quds University-Palestine. Chairman and Consultant at  Child and Family Training and Counseling Center-Gaza Adolescent Psychiatrist. Consultant Psychiatrist at Medical City Center-Gaza – Affiliated Professor with Center for Refugee Studies-York University, Canada.

President of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry sector at the Arab Federal Psychiatrists- Chief Editor of Arab Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.Member of the Executive Committee of Arab Federal Psychiatrists.


Gaza Strip
2 Abdelraouf Elmanama  Professor of Microbiology, Islamic University of Gaza Gaza Strip
3 Afef Skhiri MD , Specialist in Preventive and community  Medicine

National Institute of Public Health

4 Almuthanna Alkaraki Assistant Professor-Department of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Science-Yarmouk University
5 Amal Al-Bakri Prof of Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology-Faculty of Pharmacy-University of Jordan
6 Anan Jarab Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy-JUST Jordan
7 Dania Qutishat Assistant professor-School of Rehabilitation Sciences

University of Jordan

8 Faisal Alzahrani Assistant Professor-Vice Dean-PI

King Abdul Aziz University-KSA

Saudi Arabia
9 Hadeia Mashaqbeh  

PhD Student -JUST


10 Hiba Wazeer AlZoubi Lecturer, Yarmouk university/ Faculty of Medicine

MBBS ,Jordanian board and High Degree of Specialization in Pathology JUST


11 Hisham Altayb PhD (Assistant professor of molecular biology) Sudan University of Science and Technology, college of medical laboratory sciences. Sudan
12 Jamila Abu-Idhail Ph.D/Associate Professor at Faculty of Nursing/ The Hashemite University Jordan
13 Jennifer Muhaidat Assistant Professor
Department of Physiotherapy
School of Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Jordan
14 Jwan Ibbini Assistant professor-Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment/ Department of Land Management and Environment/ Hashemite University Jordan
15 Lara Al-Khlaifat  Assistant Professor-Department of Physiotherapy- Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences -University of Jordan Jordan
16 Lina  Al-Ebbini Assistant Professor- Biomedical Systems and Informatics Engineering Department- Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology- Yarmouk University Jordan
17 Loai  Issa Tawalbeh Associate Professor- Adult Health Nursing- Faculty of Nursing-Al-AlBayt University-Jordan Jordan
18 Lubna Gharaibeh  PhD student /Research assistant at University of Jordan


19 Majd Hamaly MSc. Pharmaceutical sciences-Jordan University

Quality Coordinator-Quality Management and Patient Safety Office-King Hussein Cancer Center

20 Mariam AbdEljalil Associate professor at the Department of Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy-Faculty of Pharmacy/University of Jordan Jordan
21 Mayis Aldughmi Assistant professor, Amman, Jordan. The University of Jordan. Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences Jordan
22 Meimouna Sidi Deoula PH.D. Student in the laboratory of epidemiology and Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Fez, Morocco Mauritanian residing in Morocco
23 Moawia Khatatbeh Assistant Professor, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Yarmouk University-Jordan Jordan
24 Mohammed  Mehanna Associate Professor-Faculty of pharmacy

Beirut Arab University-Lebanon

Egyptian Residing in Lebanon
25 Mohanad Odeh Assistance Professor, Hashemite and Applied Science Universities-Jordan. Jordan
26 Nahla Gamal Eldin Lecturer of Public health and Community medicine,

Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria, Egypt

27 Ola Al-Sanabra  Assistance Professor in Haematology

Al-Balqa Applied University- Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

28 Raed Al-Shami Jordanian Board in Periodontics

A full time lecturer at Preventive department\ Faculty of Dentistry at Jordan University of Science and Technology

29 Rana Abu Farha  Assistant Professor- Applied Science Private University Jordan
30 Rana Obeidat Assistant Professor-Faculty of Nursing-Zarqa University


31 Rania Mahafdeh Research assistant at Faculty of Pharmacy, Jordan University Of Science and Technology, Jordan Jordan
32 Rasha Mahmoud Arabyat Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy/Head of the Pharmacy Practice Department-Al Yarmouk University, Jordan Jordan
33 Rasha Okasheh Assistant Professor
Department of Physiotherapy, School of Rehabilitation Sciences, The University of Jordan
34 Reema  Karasneh Assistant Professor of Public Health,
Department of Basic Medical Sciences,
Faculty of Medicine,Yarmouk University.
35 Sanaa K. Abujilban Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing-Hashemite University, Jordan. Jordan
36 Sawsan Abuhammad Assistant Professor College of Nursing

Jordan University of Science and Technology

37 Suhaib Muflih Assistant Professor-Faculty of Pharmacy

Jordan University of Science and Technology

38 Taher Eamhbes Benedictine University Lisle, IL, USA

Faculty member at the community medicine department in University of Tripoli

39 Tareq Mukattash Associate Professor of Faculty of  Pharmacy-JUST Jordan
40 Zaid Altaany Assistant Professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics/Faculty of Medicine, Dep. of Basic Sciences, Yarmouk University –  Jordan. Jordan


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