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Wesam Ahmed



Name: Wesam Shafeq Ghanem Ahmed, MSc.

Current position: University Lecturer and Research Assistant


Participation in the RCR program:

The underdeveloped research environment and quality in parts of the Middle East, including my home country, makes this program essential for researchers working under such circumstances.

On the other hand, I believe this program will help me put my feet on solid ground and will set my career on the right path, given the fact that I have recently finished my postgraduate program and plan to do my PhD in the near future.

After finishing the program, I plan to pass the knowledge, skills, and expertise I acquired to my fellow researchers and students at my institution and in my home country.

My Research Ethics Related Interests:

I am interested in such fields as: clinical pharmacy, microbiology and infectious diseases, biotechnology, and epidemiology disciplines.


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