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Mohammad Malkawy



Name: Mohammad Malkawy, DVM, MSc.

Current Position: Senior Researcher and Fundraising officer

Participation in the Jordan RCR Program:

Modules of ethics in using animal in research taken as part of my postgraduate degree first instilled my interest in ethics in research. My work experience as a researcher in the biotechnology field, further strengthened my interest and fueled my resolve to progress into responsible conduct of research program; so much so that I chose to enroll in a specialized course like the RCR program. The RCR from both JUST and UCSD would enable me to develop my knowledge in an area which I find both interesting and valuable.

My Research Ethics Related Interests:

Working in the field of biotechnology, I usually run animal experiments, participate in paper writing, share data with partners and other researchers and work on all other activities related to conducting of research. In particular, I am interested in the field of Immunology and therapeutic biological. Through this course, I expect to learn most of the perplexing ethical issues in conducting research, which I usually feel confused to take the right decision about.


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