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Laila Akhu-Zaheya



Name: Laila M. Akhu-Zaheya, PhD

Current position: Associate Professor at Adult Health Department/ Faculty of Nursing/

Jordan University of Science and Technology.

Participation in the RCR program:

As an academic/researcher, working with emotional human beings, the significance of ethics must be highlighted. Participating in the program would expand my knowledge and understanding of necessary ethical considerations which should be present while conducting research. It would provide insight into the standard and present others’ experiences and views, especially those experiences involving ethical dilemmas.

My Research Ethics Related Interests:

My interest in research revolves around informatics, specifically working with the confidentiality and privacy of an individuals’ information, with an emphasis on Electronic Records. My research also includes the use of technology while working with patients, as well as the consequences of said technology from an ethical perspective.

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