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Enas Mokhemer


Name: Enas Mokhemer, MSc.

Current position:  Research Assistant at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST).

Participation in the RCR program:

As a young researcher in the field of clinical pharmacy, I am interested in gaining further knowledge about research methodology and the internationally applied ethical principles in research. My previous education at Jordan University of Science and Technology covered a few aspects of clinical research ethics, joining the RCR program will enhance my research perspectives and support my theoretical and practical knowledge. This also enables me to make sound judgments, facing ethical issues in clinical research more confidentially. Interestingly, I am currently involved in two research projects that aim at evaluating the outcomes of several novel pharmaceutical interventions which involve collecting data from human subjects and clinical teams. I am motivated to apply the principles of this program as guidelines for my current and future projects.

My Research Ethics Related Interests:

 The use of animals in research to test candidate pharmaceutical products for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. This involves conducting procedures and tests for study animals and the importance of following protocols.

Also the evaluation of the outcomes of using novel approaches in clinical pharmacy, including their impact on patients, pharmacists. This involves regulations and guidelines related to human research subjects and the confidentiality of clinical data.

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