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Basima Almomani



Name: Basima Abdalla Almomani, PhD.

Current Position:

Assistant Professor- Faculty of Pharmacy- Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Irbid, Jordan


Participation in the Jordan RCR Program:

Ethics standards are the cornerstone for clinical research and joining RCR program will help me to develop my knowledge and support my skills in conducting scientific research. Being a current member of IRB committee, this program will facilitate my understanding and solving different ethical issues and improve the ability to conduct the research in our institution. Participation in this program will potentiate my career as an instructor by passing this useful experience to my students through teaching different clinical courses and supervising pediatric training in the hospital.


My Research Ethics Related Interests:

My current research focuses on human subjects involving pediatric patients. They are a vulnerable group and understanding bioethics of children is an essential component of research conduct. Another area of my interest is genetics where ethics is of particular importance in this field. This program will give me an opportunity to identify ethical challenges that may arise in research related to recruitment of patients (e.g. with special consideration to consent forms, privacy, confidentiality issues, and the handling of data) and also the ethical challenges related to researchers (e.g. conflict of interest and authorship criteria). Adherence to ethical standards in conducting clinical research is essential to ensure integrity, overall success, and scientific merit of research.


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