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Qosay Al-Balas

Qosay Albalas

Full Name:  Dr.Qosay Ali Al-Balas.

Current Position: Pharmaceutical Research Center Chairman.

Participation in the RCR Program:

This unique program will provide me with an expertise and certification that will empower me to perform my work effectively and efficiently. This program is a core to any researcher as it will contribute the ethical skeleton for conducting research by exploring the areas that many of us researchers execute mistakes in either willfully or unintentionally.

Moreover, after being certified, I will be able to transfer my knowledge to other researchers or postgraduate students who are conducting research in the Middle East Area. So we can guarantee that the ethical pillars for research are strong, ones we can rely on for future results as well as omitting any future conflict that arises in conducting research and guarantee the dignity of patients and volunteers who are participating in clinical trials.

My Research Ethics Related Interests:

My main duty is to supervise clinical trials and bioequivalence studies on humans; it is an integral part for me to comply with all regulations and guidelines that are related to human research subjects such as the Declaration of Helsinki, FDA, EMA and local authorities.

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