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Hanan Khalil


Hanan Khalil

Name: Dr. Hanan Khalil

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Physiotherapy at Jordan University of Science and Technology (since 2012)

Participation in the RCR program:

The RCR course is providing an excellent  opportunity for learning and networking and developing research opportunities as well as staying up to date with arising research ethics issues. The course is helping in understanding research ethics that are required to foster an environment of integrity in research; a crucial element that is needed for high quality research.

My Research Ethics Related Interests:

I have special research  interest in outcome measures and exercise interventions for people with neurodegenerative diseases including people with Parkinson’s disease (PD ) and multiple sclerosis (MS) and environmental factors  that may contribute to these diseases. Further interests include developing approaches to maximizing opportunities for people with PD and MS to engage in exercise.

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