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Abeer Rababa’h

Name: Dr. Abeer Musa Rababa’h, PhD

Current Position:
Assistant Professor/Faculty of Pharmacy/ Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Irbid, Jordan.

Participation in the RCR Program:

I’m interested in this one-year Research Ethics Education Program because my expectation is that this program will enrich the fundamental research ethics concepts I have and draw the integrity of our research by explaining and answering critical questions regarding IRB application, authorships criteria, collaboration disputes and the principles in conducting a responsible research. Hence, I’m applying for this program to get rich information about research ethics and to implement all of these concepts on my current projects. Additionally, this program will open an opportunity to pass this entire course concept into our graduate students, undergraduates and to be the fundamental concepts in our research.

My Research Ethics Related Interests:

My current research involves both human and animal studies. Dealing with human clinical projects requires a highly professional degree in handling the project along with establishing the basic concept of respecting the patient’s right, privacy, confidentially, honesty and veracity in handling the data. On the other side, animal study also requires specific ethical issues such as minimizing the pain and harm for the animal model you use and the inquiry of proving proper animal care and housing. Understanding the basic ethical principles involved in human and animal studies will strengthen the validity, transparency and confidentiality of our research.

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