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Abeer Qandil


Dr. Abeer passed away on October 26th, 2017. May God rest her soul.

Name:  Dr. Abeer “ Moh’d Ameen” Qandil

 Current Position:

Assistant professor of community health nursing

Community and mental health nursing department

Jordan University of Science and Technology

Participation in the RCR Program:

My introduction to research ethics was during my masters and PhD; however this experience is still maturing as I conduct my own research and supervise my students in Nursing Research.The RCR program will provide me with a structured experience that I really need and appreciate. The knowledge and skills acquired during this course will be an asset to my future research and will be passed on to my graduate students, collaborators and audiences, which will fulfill the long term goals of this program which is to“develop the next generation of researchers to carry out high quality and ethically acceptable research”

My Research Ethics Related Interests:

I have an interest in research that involves women during child bearing age, pregnant women take a big part of it. It is crucial to know all aspects of responsible conduct of research when working with such a vulnerable population, especially when it comes to their rights in being a part of research and not mixing it with their received health care service. Protection of this population needs to be monitored and evaluated in Jordan.

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