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The 4th International Conference on Research Ethics in Jordan

Representing his Excellency, Professor Saeb Khreisat, President of Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Professor Khalid El-Salem, the Vice President of JUST, inaugurated the 4th International Conference on Research Ethics in Jordan. The conference was organized by the Responsible Conduct of Research Program in Jordan and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA, which is a joint international program between University of California San Diego-USA and JUST), and Faculty of Pharmacy held the. The conference highlighted ethical principles pertaining to responsible conduct of research, biotechnology research ethics and how these principles can be applied in the MENA region. The event included several international speakers and a wide-range of international attendees from all over the MENA region.

Professor Khalid El-Salem, Vice President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, indicated that this conference is consistent with the strategic plan of the university that was built around creativity and excellence in education, scientific research, and social responsibility. He also continue to say that the conference is part of the University’s efforts to support the research ethics education and capacity building to ensure that JUST will continue to be a center of excellence in this field for Jordan and the MENA.

Professor Sayer Al-azzam, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, indicated that this conference is part of the efforts of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Responsible Conduct of Research program to provide distinguished education and scientific research.

Professor Wael Al-delaimy, the program director from University of California at San Diego-USA, expressed his appreciation to JUST for supporting and leading the research ethics education effort Jordan and the MENA.

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