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A Workshop on the ethics of scientific research was held at JUST/Nursing

On Thursday, 25/4/2019, the Faculty of Nursing at Jordan University of Science and Technology organized a workshop entitled “Ethics of Scientific Research” in collaboration with the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) program at University of California San Diego (UCSD) and Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST).

The workshop dealt with several topics facing researchers within the nursing fields including ethics of research on human subjects, medical data bases, research misconduct, and Global health. The presenters in the workshop were the RCR program fellow/instructors.



The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) program held a new workshops at JUST, Jordan

The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) program (a joint program between the University of California San Diego and Jordan University of Science and Technology; JUST) provided a one-day face-to-face workshop in Research Misconduct in collaboration with the Faculty of Graduate Studies at JUST. The workshop was conducted on April 22nd at Salah Al-Deen hall at JUST.

The workshop was presented by Dr. Nour Al-Sawalha, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and fellow at RCR program. The workshop aimed at deepening understanding of research misconduct and questionable research practices, including; types, causes, consequences, handling and reporting, real cases and possible preventative remedies. Further, the workshop assisted the graduate students to become familiar with the consequences of research misconduct and real examples of cases in the scientific community. In addition, proper research practices were addressed to avoid research misconduct and questionable research practices.  The participants appreciated the provided information and they requested to conduct such useful workshops more frequently.

At the end of the workshop, Prof. Karem Alzoubi (The director of the RCR program in Jordan, and the Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy) distributed the certificates to the participants.

Graduation Ceremony of the Third Class of Fellows from the Responsible Conduct of Research Program

Under the Patronage of the His Excellency Professor Saeb Khraisat, the President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, the graduation of the third class of the fellowship degree in responsible conduct of research was celebrated Tuesday, 09-04-2019 at JUST campus.  The celebration was attended by Prof. Karem Alzoubi, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Director of the program responsible conduct of research at JUST, as a representative of JUST president, and Prof. Wael Al-dlaimy, the Director of the program, University of California at San Diego, USA.

This program is joint program between Jordan University of Science and Technology and the University of California at san Diego/USA, and it is funded by the National Institute of Health /USA. JUST is considered the focal point for this program in Jordan and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The fellowship training is focused on the philosophy and principles of research ethics pertaining to epidemiological studies, clinical trials, studies in laboratory animals, cell lines, biological samples and biotechnology.

Prof. Wael Al-dlaimy, said that the Fellowship Program in Responsible conduct of research is an international collaboration aimed at building capacities among young scientists in Jordan and the MENA in scientific research ethics and related policies. This is expected to prepare them to conduct scientific research consistent with global standards and to be future leaders who formulate policies of responsible conduct of research in their institutions and countries.

Prof. Karem Alzoubi, indicated that the graduates of this program are faculty members, lecturers and master degree holders representing various Jordanian universities and Arab countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen and Palestine.

The ceremony was attended by several of faculty members, program fellows, and postgraduate students.

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